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What's NMN, anyway?

NMN, which is short for nicotinamide mononucleotide, is a substance generated naturally in your body from vitamin B3 and plays a vital role in the activity of the cells.
NMN is a precursor of NAD (nicotinamide dinucleotide), an indispensable coenzyme that exists in the cells of all organisms.
NMN is created in your body from vitamin B3 naturally, but your body gradually loses its ability to generate it as you get older.
In 2011, a world authority on NMN, Professor Shin-ichiro Imai (Washington University in St. Louis, Department of Behavioral Biology, School of Medicine, Missouri, US), reported its existence and effects.
Research on NMN is currently ongoing at a global scale and its results are in the media spotlight.

What are the rejuvenating sirtuin genes
that NMN activates?

We can expect anti-aging effects from NMN. The “rusting of the body” caused by active oxygen is one of the causes of aging. Your body produces active oxygen when you breathe. Active oxygen causes the oxidation of your body and is one of the factors behind the proliferation of wrinkles on your skin and bad cholesterol.
If certain genes are activated, we could prevent aging, and rejuvenate. These genes are the sirtuins, the longevity genes, and they exist all over your body. We all have them, and sirtuins are considered to prevent aging and prolong lifespan. NMN is in the spotlight because it is a next-generation component that could rejuvenate us from a genetic level as it provides energy to the sirtuin genes.

Main applications of NMN

Inhibition of body weight

Scientists observed for 1 year two groups of mice (one group received NMN, and one did not), and they reported that the amount of food the NMN group ate increased even as they got older.
However, their energy metabolism had elevated to levels hardly different from those of young mice. They were burning fatty acids to generate energy, and as a result, they almost didn’t get any weight with age.

Inhibition of bone density decrease

After a long-term administration experiment with mice, they had a slight increase of bone density. Scientists think this is due to the action of NMN to stimulate bone marrow stem cells to form more bone and less fat.

Improvement of insulin sensitivity

In an experiment with mice, it was reported that the insulin sensitivity in the whole body was improved. Insulin sensitivity refers to the ease with which insulin works; the higher the sensitivity, the easier it is for insulin to work. Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas that helps regulate blood sugar levels. Diabetes is a condition in which insulin does not work sufficiently, so the cells cannot take in sugar from blood properly and as a result there is excessive sugar in the cardiovascular system.
Professor Imai’s group published in the scientific journal Science that NMN enhances muscle insulin sensitivity in a clinical study of postmenopausal women with prediabetes. The subjects of this study were women because NMN had shown greater effects in female mice in previous research. Postmenopausal prediabetic women were divided into two groups, and only one of them took NMN, resulting in skeletal muscle insulin sensitivity increased on average by 25%.

Inhibition of decline of cognitive functions

A different research group from Professor Imai’s has reported that administration of NMN to mice suppressed cell death in the brain’s hippocampus, which is closely related to Alzheimer’s disease.

Anti-aging action

In a mice experiment carried by a group of researchers led by Professor Imai, a wide range of anti-aging actions were observed. For example, they got more active and their immune cells increased. The difference between the NMN group and the control group became apparent in mice that were in the age range that’s equivalent to 40s and 50s in humans. The mice in their 70s (again, human equivalent) became also more active. This is related to the activation of the sirtuins, a coenzyme that controls aging and lifespan. Also, many other research institutions have reported that blood vessels remain flexible and different organs and tissues increase their activity.

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