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Learn about NMN


What's NMN, anyway?
What foods contain it?

NMN, which is short for nicotinamide mononucleotide, is a substance generated naturally in your body from vitamin B3 and plays a vital role in the activity of the cells.
NMN is a precursor of NAD (nicotinamide dinucleotide), an indispensable coenzyme that exists in the cells of all organisms.
NMN is created in your body from vitamin B3 naturally, but your body gradually loses its ability to generate it as you get older. However, even though NMN is contained in vegetables like edamame, broccoli or avocado, fruits and seeds, your diet won't provide nearly enough. To take 150 mg of NMN, you would need to eat around 12000 edamame beans or 2400 heads of broccoli, which is not very practical, to say the least.
That is why it is important you take NMN by other external means.

How to take NMN properly

01. Injection method

Generally, there are two types of NMN products: supplements (oral ingestion) and IV drips.
Professor Shin-ichiro Imai of Washington University in St. Louis, an authority on NMN, recommends supplements. In case of IV drips, it is better to use them along with the ingestion of supplements.

02. Frequency of administration

The recommended frequency for oral supplements is once a day. For IV drips, once around every 4 weeks.

03. Best moment for administration

Professor Imai says, "The key point is to take it early or some time later in the morning." The reason is that NAD fluctuates according to the circadian rhythm (our "body watch"), and in the case of humans, it rises during the daytime, when we are the most active.

04. Administration amount

Professor Shin-ichiro Imai thinks it is reasonable to take 300-500 mg of NMN per day. He says he could verify the effects with an intake of 250 mg per day in his first clinical trial carried out at Washington University, but this does not necessarily mean effects could be obtained with a higher dose. We recommend you look for the amount that suits you best.

05. Age to start having NMN

Professor Imai says, "According to the results in mouse research, almost nothing happens when it is consumed by healthy individuals in their 20s and 30s. I think it's best to use it from around the age of 50, when NAD levels decline and you start to feel the phenomenon of aging." And yet, it's worth noting that there are people in their 20s and 30s who find NMN useful.

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