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Strengths of Mirai Lab's
NMN supplements

As pioneer of bio-ventures,
we were the first in engage in NMN research,
and provide NMN products with a level of safety
and quality unmatched by any other company.

5 reasons to choose Mirai Lab


The only NMN products recognized by
the world-leading authority on NMN research,
Professor Shin-ichiro Imai.

Professor Shin-ichiro Imai, who broke new ground with his research on NMN, blows the whistle on the pandemonium of NMN capsules available on the market at present, and Mirai Lab’s Pure Series are the very products he can rely on. Mirai Lab's NMN Pure series boasts absolute purity with the approval of a leading expert. This NMN does not contain impurities or forms of NMN not produced naturally in our bodies.


We were the first in commercializing NMN
and we are the only company in Japan
having a research facility dedicated to NMN.

Commercialization focused on research on NMN, which is rapidly making the medical industry progress. We established our original supplement brand Mirai Lab and started making sales. Many NMN companies cite scientific papers published by anti-aging researchers or request external inspections from food analysis centers, but do not perform analysis using their own laboratories. Mirailab Bioscience is the only company in Japan that owns an in-house NMN research laboratory.


We conducted the world's first safety test on humans
Academia-quality NMN
used in cutting-edge clinical research

Mirai Lab's NMN was the first in the world to be used in a safety test on humans (*). In addition to demonstrating its safety, we confirmed the expression of the sirtuin genes, an increase in melatonin and other growth hormones in a long-term (24-week) administration clinical study at Hiroshima University School of Medicine. These achievements and its purity are highly considered, and our NMN products were selected as a test food to be used in a new clinical research at the Washington University in St. Louis, School of Medicine, led by Professor Shin-ichiro Imai, an authority on NMN.

(*) Hiroshima University, The Graduate School of Biomedical & Health Sciences. Completed on March 31, 2019.
Assessment of effects of long-term administration of nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN): No complications, other undisclosed (on humans.)

UMIN-ICDR For details, click here.


Our NMN has an absolute purity of 99.8% (1), according to a fair and transparent "absolute measurement method."
By "impurity" we mean a substance that's harmless to humans

Mirai Lab 99.0 99.4
Company A
97.2 92.0
Company B
98.3 99.0

The absolute measurement method quantifies what percentage of all substances detected in the sample is NMN, and indicates the purity with reference to NMN. On the other hand, the relative measurement method shows the relative value with reference to a "standard NMN" which is considered 100% pure. Surprisingly, the "standard NMN" in this second method can be supplied by the manufacturer itself, and its purity is not disclosed. Mirai Lab's NMN achieves an absolute purity of 99.8% (1), and when compared with other companies' products as shown below, the purity of Mirai Lab's NMN exceeds 100% in relative purity. This explains well by itself the overwhelming purity of Mirai Lab's products.

(1) Purity analysis by the Institute for Research on Productive Aging (IRPA)
(2) Analysis by high performance liquid chromatography and ultraviolet absorption spectroscopy
(3) Analysis by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Purity of NMN samples by relative method

Differences in methods for measuring NMN purity

There are two different measuring methods: the absolute method and the relative method.
We employ the absolute method, which shows objectively how much is NMN, from all the substances found in a sample.

In terms of relative purity, Our NMN is 105%

※Purity displayed by other companies

Also, according to another analysis that determines the identity of the impurities found in the first test, the only impurity detected in our NMN is nicotinamide, a substance humans can ingest with total safety.

Impurities in NMN samples

NMN Sample Our NMN Company SA (America) OY Company (Japanese N Company) Self-Affirmed GRAS
NMN PURITY(%) 99.0 97.2 98.3 97.5
Impurity1(in vivo substance) C6H7N2O
Impurity2 C11H25NO9P C11H25NO9P
Impurity3 C10H16N5O10P2
Impurity4 C9H15N3O8P
Impurity5 C9H15N3O7P
Impurity6 C9H16N4O8P
Impurity7 C10H15N5O2P
Impurity8 C21H27N6O15P2
Table for mobile devices

Please note that there are products from other brands available on the market that claim to contain high-purity NMN, while they may actually contain low-quality NMN whose safety has not been confirmed.
Tests carried out by the Institute for Research on Productive Aging (IRPA.)


The effects of α-NMN in our bodies is unknown.
We only give you full β-NMN, the NMN your body needs.

NMN exists with two different molecular structures: α-NMN and β-NMN.
The NMN that we need is β-NMN, which is naturally generated in our bodies.
The other NMN, α-NMN, is something we don’t need and something not produced in us.
Mirai Lab is offers you NMN supplements with the only NMN you should care about: β-NMN.

Other superior features

Easy to take every day
Amazing value for money

Mirai Lab is making corporate efforts to keep prices at an affordable range, so you can use our high quality products every day. Step up to a better you with a new everyday experience.

(*) Comparison with our NMN 30000 Pure Plus, according to data collected in-house.

Vegetarian HPMC capsules that take NMN all the way to your intestines

Our HPMC capsules resist saliva and the gastric acids in your stomach, and dissolve in your intestines to enhance the absorption of NMN.

Quality recognized by professional athletes
Informed Sports certification

Informed Sports is a global certification program for supplements used by professional athletes that requires pre-sales testing of all production lots. Products are analysed for all banned substances in sports by LGC, which boasts over 50 years of research and achievements fighting doping. Athletes and the general public can take our products with peace of mind, knowing they do not contain any substances prohibited in sports.

These recognitions attract the media
and we appear in luxury lifestyle magazines
and business newspapes.
We are also a recurring feature in
popular women's beauty magazines.

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