Return and refund policy


We have a no return and no cancellation policy on all orders.
All sales are final, except for damaged item(s), defective item(s),
and/or the order is incorrect.  Returns are only accepted within the United States.

Return Authorization (RMA) required for all returns and exchanges

Inspect your order immediately upon receiving the package, as claim requests must be submitted within 7 days of receipt.  7 days will be calculated based on the date delivered according to the carrier’s package tracking information.  Should you find the item(s) defective, damaged, or if you received the wrong item(s), please follow the claim procedure below, so we may start the evaluation of the issue.  To be eligible for a return or exchange, your item(s) must be in the same condition as when you received the item(s), unopened, and unused, with all original packaging. 

To start a return or exchange, please email us at, with your order number, picture of the package and item(s) you received, and a brief description of the claim.  Our team members will evaluate your claim within 3 business days.  Please be advised, we may ask for further information if needed. 

If your return or exchange is accepted, we will email you an RMA number, along with the shipping label for you to send back the item(s).  Please send back the item(s) in the original shipping packaging if possible.  If the original shipping package is not available, please send the item(s) back in a reasonably sized shipping material, as additional surcharges to the originally issued return shipping label by the carrier may be charged to you and/or your account.            

Please be advised, all returns without an RMA number will not be accepted.  Our warehouse will not have any information to process the returned package without an RMA, therefore whether the package goes unprocessed, misplaced, or damaged, we will not be held liable for the any package(s) returned without an RMA.


Exchanges and Refunds

We will notify you via email, once we’ve received and inspected your return and inform you whether the return or exchange was approved. 

If the return is approved, we will refund the order amount, less any charges if incurred during the return process, to the original payment method used.  Please be advised, although we will process the refund upon approval, depending on the bank / credit card company, it may take up to 15 business days for the refund to be posted to your account.  If more than 15 business days have passed since the refund approval, please contact us at

If the exchange is approved, we will send out the replacement to the original shipping address on the order.  We cannot change the original information on the order for exchanges.

Please feel free to email us at for any return, exchange, or refund questions.

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According to various research institutes, the purity of our NMN is 99% or higher, and it has also been confirmed that it is highly safe for both humans and rodents. Only one other company in the world is offering such high-purity NMN nutraceuticals (as of April 2022).

For more information, please see Strong points of Mirai Lab's supplements.

What are the risks related to optical isomers?

For your safety and peace of mind, Mirai Lab's products do not contain any α-NMN at all. Our NMN is manufactured accoding to a special, precise method so that the result is exclusively full β-NMN.
For more information,please see Mirai Lab's NMN substance

What's the β-NMN that you use?

There are two types of NMN, α-NMN and β-NMN, which have different molecular structures.

The molecules α-NMN and β-NMN are called optical isomers because they have the same type and number of atoms, but the connections beetween them point at different directions.
The NMN we need by nature is β-NMN.
β-NMN is produced by the human body, while unnecessary α-NMN is not.
Many companies manufacture NMN following a cheap process of chemical synthesis with the only goal of reducing costs. When they do that, the possibility of ending up with a mixture of α-NMN and β-NMN is very high. Please note that β-NMN, without a trace of α-NMN, can only be produced through a very precise manufacturing process.
Mirai Lab's NMN supplement is a high quality product containing only β-NMN.
For more information, please see Mirai Lab's NMN substance.

Do you conduct human medical studies?

Mirai Lab's NMN was the first in the world to be used in a safety test on humans. In addition to demonstrating its safety, we confirmed the expression of the sirtuin genes, an increase in melatonin and other growth hormones in a long-term (24-week) administration clinical study at Hiroshima University School of Medicine.

Should I take any precautions when using your products?

Please refer to list of ingredients of the products and do not consume if you are allergic to any of them. In rare cases, the products may not suit you depending on your physical conditions.
In that case, please stop the intake. If you are taking any medicine or receiving any medical service, please consult with your doctor before taking. Please observe the recommended daily intake, as a larger dose will not cure any illness or improve your health. Keep out of reach of children.

How much should I take per day?

Please observe the recommended daily intake. Take your supplements with water.

Do your products contain allergens?

Our products do not contain any allergens that must be stated according to the laws of Japan. However, we kindly ask you to read the list of ingredients before you take any of our products. In you find any ingredient that could pose any danger to your health, please do not consume.

Do you use any genetically modified materials in your products?

No, we don't.

I'm breast-feeding. Can I take your products?

Since this product is not a drug, it can be taken just like any other food.

However, you can find the list of ingredients and warnings on the product details page and package, so if you have any allergies or other concerns, please read them and consult your physician before consuming.

Is there a Best-before or a Use-by date?

Yes, there is.
Generally speaking, you can consume your products within 2 years after manufacture, but you have more details on the product package.
Please do not hesitate to contact us viaWeb inquiryon if you need further information.

How should I store your products?

Please keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Are there any side effects?

We haven't received any reports regarding side effects, but before using the products, please refer to the list of ingredients if you have any allergies.