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Our thoughts, our history

Our mission is to contribute to the well-being of our customers and to make an outstanding contribution to society, as we aim to make "Productive Aging" a global reality based on scientific evidence.

In about 40 years, the world population will exceed 10 billion,
while the elderly in developed regions will reach 27.6% of the population amid declining birth rates.
The arrival of a “super-aging” society is becoming an issue
not only in Japan, but worldwide.

And Japan, with its aging population already exceeding 28%,
is now facing a new challenge: how to extend the healthy life expectancy,
while the absolute life expectancy is increasing due to the advances in medical technology.

In light of this, MIRAILAB BIOSCIENCE's compromise translates into donating activities and the development
NMN-based nutraceuticals (*), inspired by the potential discovered in the early research of
pioneering scientists and motivated by positive results in clinical trials and the feedback of our customers.

How far can science expand the possibilities of humankind?
How well can we reflect the benefits of science in our lives?
MIRAILAB BIOSCIENCE aspires to taking Quality Of Life to a new level.

Today’s Vanguard Knowledge of Humankind for Tomorrow’s You.

(*) NMN (β-nicotinamide mononucleotide, β-NMN): a substance synthesized from vitamin B3 in the cells of all organisms, and a precursor of coenzyme NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), which is indispensable for cell activity.


  • 2015

  • April

    Launch of our first supplement with NMN
    through Shinkowa Trading Co., Ltd.


    Change of company name from Shinkowa Trading Co., Ltd.
    to Shinkowa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

  • 2017

  • January

    Started clinical research on evaluation of
    effects of long-term intake of NMN.

  • 2018

  • November

    Started a research program through the Systems Biology Institute

  • 2019

  • April

    Inherited all NMN research from Orient Biomedic Co., Ltd.


    Inauguration of in-house Life Science Lab for NMN research in Nihonbashi, Tokyo (Nihonbashi Life Science Bldg.)


    Joint research with Yamaguchi University, Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Professor Toru Kimura: Basic Veterinary Science Medicine and Laboratory Animal Science): "Longevity and Anti-aging Effects on Dogs of NMN Administration: Research of the Improvement Effect on Blood Components and Intestinal Flora Associated with the Activation of Longevity Genes."


    Joint patent application rights for Kyushu University's "Effect of β-NMN on enhancement of coenzyme Q in vivo."


    Started clinical research on the effect of NMN supplementation on organ systems biology

  • 2020

  • February

    Joint research with the Graduate School of Integrated Life Sciences, National University of Hiroshima: "Effects of NMN on sperm function and fertility."


    Started research on effects of NMN to strengthen immunity and help prevent and treat infectious diseases, including COVID-19.


    Inauguration of Kobe Branch and collaboration with the Institute For Research on Productive Aging (IRPA.)


    Started joint research with Yamaguchi University, Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Professor Toru Kimura: Basic Veterinary Science Medicine and Laboratory Animal Science.)

  • 2021

  • January

    Change of company name from Shinkowa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to MIRAILAB BIOSCIENCE Inc.


    Relocation of in-house NMN research facility (Life Science Lab) to 1-14-4, 6F, Prairie Ginza Bldg., Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

  • 2022

  • February

    Relocation of main office to 1-14-4, 5F, Prairie Ginza Bldg.,
    Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

Social contribution

Under the concept of "Making Science of Wellness" based on NMN research, Mirailab Bioscience reaches even further,
contributing not only to academic research but also to the fields of culture and art.

Support for Arts and Culture

As a corporation, we are proud patrons of Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Support to Research

University of Washington in St. Louis

・Donation of 1 kg of NMN to the research led by Dr. Jeffrey Gordon, Director of the Center for Genome Sciences and Systems Biology.

・Donation of 1 kg of NMN to the laboratory of Professor Shin-ichiro Imai, Department of Developmental Biology, Department of Medicine (joint.)

Sponsorship of Symposiums

・Sponsorship of the The Inaugural International Symposium on Aging Research and public lectures to celebrate the establishment of the Institute for Research on Productive Aging (IRPA.)

・Sponsorship of Gordon Research Conferences.

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