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NMN Aqua Pet (for pets)

NMN Aqua Pet (for pets)

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An easy way to provide NMN to the furry members of your family.
Keep them healthy and enjoy quality time together!

Aqua pet, especially developed for pets. A powder with NMN, a substance in the limelight of the scientific community.

Just add it to the water your pets drink. It is pocket-sized and easy to carry, so it can be easily used anytime, anywhere, and permeates your pet's body immediately after ingestion.

Along with Yamaguchi University, Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, we have begun analyzing the mechanisms of aging on pets (dogs), including research on the inhibition of anti-aging factors. In addition to many other research results, we will continue to study the effects of NMN on the animal body.

NMN research progresses at a global scale, so we present NMN Aqua Pet, a powder formulation including NMN, especially designed to support the immune system and satisfy the health necessities of your precious pets.

Your pets get older much faster than you. Just add some NMN Aqua Pet in their water and you will be helping them stay healthy and boost their immune system.

Patent No. 6803914, Patent No. 6803915Patent No. 7210459, (International Patent (PCT) pendingWO2022114105)

Recommended if you:

●For your precious pets.
●Boost your pet's immune system and help them stay in good health


Contents 30.0 g (1.0 g x 30 sticks)
Feeding instructions Pour contents into 500ml of water and mix well.
The recommended daily dose depends on the weight of your pet.
Please see below (1 stick contains around 1.0 g.)
●Up to 5kg: 1 stick per day (around 1.0 g)
●Up to 10kg: 2 sticks per day (around 2.0 g)
●From 10kg: 3 sticks per day (around 3.0 g)
Main ingredients nicotinamide mononucleotide, dextrin, sorbitol, sucrose fatty acid ester, silicon dioxide.
Nutritional information Per 1 stick (about 1 g): Energy 4.01 kcal/ Protein 0.01 g/ Fat 0.013 g/ Carbohydrate 0.97 g/ Sodium 0.01 mg (salt equivalent 0.001 g)
Best before As printed on package


  • This product is intended for pets, like dogs or cats. Once opened, please use soon.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • An intake over the recommended dose will not cure any disease or improve health.
  • If you notice any illness symptoms on your pet, stop the intake of this product and consult a veterinarian.
  • If your pet is taking any medication or has some health issues, consult a veterinarian before use.
  • If your pet has a food allergy, please see the list of ingredients before use.
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