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NMN + Resveratrol (30 capsules)

NMN + Resveratrol (30 capsules)

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Mirai Lab's long-selling NMN + Resveratrol for health and beauty

Many think that NMN* is an exclusive component hard to find. But in addition to 300 mg of NMN, this product includes resveratrol from red wine, which contains polyphenols, well known as age-fighting substances, as well as hyaluronic acid, collagen peptide, Peucedanum japonicum, and other precious ingredients. This is a supplement that supports beauty and health, a must if you want to stay beautiful, active and healthy.

*β-nicotinamide mononucleotide

Patent No. 6545256, Patent No. 6803914, Patent No. 6803915Patent No. 7210459, (International Patent (PCT) pendingWO2022114105)

Recommended if you:

-want to take more NMN at a single time
-want to feel refreshed from the inside out and stay young
-do not want to feel the burden of aging nor want others to feel it on you
-care about how you look
-want to stay energetic
-want to keep a proactive lifestyle
And much more!

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NMN + Your Favorite Supplement

the pioneer of NMN research.

The only products recognized by Professor Shin-ichiro Imai

Professor Shin-ichiro Imai, who broke new ground with his research on NMN, blows the whistle on the pandemonium of NMN capsules available on the market at present, and Mirai Lab’s Pure Series are the very products he can rely on. Mirai Lab's NMN Pure series boasts absolute purity with the approval of a leading expert. This NMN does not contain impurities or forms of NMN not produced naturally in our bodies.

A Pioneering Achievement

Confirmed Safety in a Human Clinical Study*

Our NMN supplement was subject to an exhaustive 24-week safety trial at a prestigious national university in Japan.

UMIN-ICDR For details, click here.

High Quality

Absolute purity degree (1) of 99.8% (2), according to a reliable measurement method

NMN products that guarantee a formidable 99.8% of purity. Not many companies can say that about their products at present.

(1) This test shows the percentage of NMN included in a sample, considering all the substances detected in the sample and taking NMN as standard.
(2) Purity analisys carried out by the Institute for Research on Productive Aging (IRPA.)

Mirai Lab's exquisite components

We use only full β-NMN

NMN exists with two different molecular structures: α-NMN and β-NMN. From these two, only β-NMN is naturally synthesized in our bodies.
At Mirai Lab, we only use in our products β-NMN generated through a process similar to the one happening in your cells right now.